This post was taken from my Facebook post from November 4, 2016.

Some (not so) quick thoughts on DOCTOR STRANGE: (short version – 9/10)

This film is GREAT. Cumberbatch is absolutely perfect in the role and gives so much depth to Strange. It’s an origin story that works so damn well because it’s dealing with and expanding an extremely unique realm within the Marvel Universe, with great themes and symbolism that run throughout the movie. And my goodness me, the theme music is so beautiful too! The supporting cast is great, and while the villain is alright, the actors sell their characters so well that any humor that falls flat is overshadowed by the immense talents on screen. The story overall is pretty traditional (and of course there are some pretty far story jumps too), the villain is not top tier, but the insane visuals make up for those knocks. I had an incredible experience in the theater, and nerded out at all of the Easter eggs/references that were thrown in (but not forced down your throat…), so I hope you all see this movie. I know I’ll be seeing this at least twice more AND in IMAX 3D FASHO. 9/10.