Catching up with STAR WARS CLONE WARS and REBELS is probably one of the best decisions I’ve made. They both flesh out and expand the Star Wars universe so well; and yes, they are animated TV shows, but not exactly for children, as very dark and relevant themes are meant for more adult/mature viewers. There is so much richness in backstory for the characters, and it really makes you care about each of them (except for freakin Jar Jar…). The CLONE WARS series enlightens just how extensive this universe is and makes you appreciate the prequel trilogy. I’m so impressed that this franchise extends throughout films, novels, comic books and television, and they all agree, inform and improve each other. I was more than excited to see ROGUE ONE tomorrow night, but with each episode of REBELS I watch (and after reading CATALYST), I grow even more intrigued at where ROGUE ONE takes this extraordinary and expansive universe. The amount of creativity and the people responsible for this is completely fascinating, and extremely inspiring.