There’s not much jump scares to be had here in A CURE FOR WELLNESS (thankfully, but just wait until next week's GET OUT which I'm extremely excited for!), but director Gore Verbinski chose to focus on the weird, creepy visuals. Unfortunately, he doesn’t concentrate on a compelling story nor characters you care for. 

It’s not that this story has been done (or maybe it has… my horror/thriller genre knowledge is very limited), but I could predict the final reveal a mile away, although the twists and turns we take to get there are somewhat interesting and different, albeit slow. That would have been forgivable if Lockhart, played by Dane DeHaan, was more interesting and less whiny even though he is supposed to be young and naive. (I think it's also that I probably just do not like Dane DeHaan anymore, and don't buy his characters outside of high school/college.) Another stronger actor, like a John Boyega or someone, could have made this character more alluring. Other than up-and-comer Mia Goth as Hannah, the rest of the cast is completely uninteresting and miscast. There was just something off about the actors and the direction, and not for the purpose that the movie is supposed to be this weird.

But I can’t fault A CURE FOR WELLNESS for the incredible visual style and cinematography; the way certain shots and horrific events are composed will give me a few nightmares. The mystery of the story and procedural-like quality of that mystery also give this movie a little boost, though that pace is hindered by slow, boring dialogue by miscast actors.


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