a LA LA LAND musing

I’ve been looking forward to LA LA LAND since it was announced, and because it was gonna be directed by Damian Chazelle, the director of one of my favorite movies, WHIPLASH. LA LA LAND knows what it is and is extremely unabashed in what it wants to do: be a classic throwback to old Fred Astaire films, make you tap your feet and pull your heart out your chest. I couldn’t stop smiling with the whole old school feel, and especially since it’s a love letter to LA. Gosling and Stone are incredible and have their usual off the charts chemistry; every scene between them is so real. There are so many filmmaking flourishes that Damian Chazelle executes so perfectly, from the way certain scenes are shot, the long takes, the dance styles and purpose in choreography, and of course, his classic final sequence. Although the film is nostalgic, it’s grounded in life today and stays true to that; yes there are fantastical parts, but they stay within the films rules that it sets up, and are validated in the final sequence. (My goodness, that final sequence… it absolutely destroyed me…) I think I’m gonna end here, but I can talk about this movie for days; I probably still will need another viewing just to take everything in, since the first viewing is always such a whirlwind, so I can have a more solid rating, but for now I am more than happy to give LA LA LAND: 9/10. So please, see this movie and talk to me about it whether you love it as much as I did or not!

PS shout out to Sean Baba for discussing the film with me after and giving me some talking points in this little blurb.