Focusing on British filmmakers during the early parts of World War II, THEIR FINEST turns out to be a good little movie led by a wonderful performance by Gemma Arterton. I always will remember her because of her super short stint as a Bond girl in QUANTUM OF SOLACE, and she should be on everyone’s radar after giving this performance. Another standout is Sam Claflin, whom I recognize from THE HUNGER GAMES series, and damn does he give a strong performance here as well. Their characters attempt to boost morale within England by writing a script about the evacuation of Dunkirk, and follows their journey of making this movie and their on and off set relationships. Arterton’s character experiences lots of sexism throughout, but I’m thankful that she wasn’t a spunky, filled-with-comebacks woman and was just allowed to be.

The twist at the end threw me off and made me question the purpose of the movie, but it didn’t hurt the final product, as it turns the genre on its head, in a way. THEIR FINEST is a smart, funny movie that just has a fun time being in this period, while not forgetting the darkness of it. It’s a good film to check out on Netflix, in the end.


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