the "best of the best" movies of 2016

This list is limited to the movies I watched in theaters. A number next to the movie title indicates if I saw a movie multiple times in the cinema. These are categorized in alphabetical order, and for more info on the somewhat self-explanatory categories, click here to read more about them. Thanks for reading and make sure to let me know what you think about the list and my choices, and we can discuss!


Arrival (2)

Stunningly beautiful with deep, emotional themes that are even more rewarding on a second watch.

Captain America: Civil War (4)

An incredible culmination of what the MCU has been building towards since 2008. AND THE AIRPORT SCENE.

Doctor Strange (3)

Bold in storytelling and visually stunning, an MCU movie that actually has consistent themes and emotionality.

Hell or High Water

Strong performances in a deceptively simple and timely story.

La La Land (3)

An emotional roller coaster of a movie with great music and direction, my definition of a perfect movie.


 Powered by riveting performances and filmmaking, with scenes that will be burned into your memory forever.

The Nice Guys (2)

Hilarious film with layered performances, great callbacks and a lot of heart; everything I want in a comedy.

Rogue One: A Star Wars Story (2)

Stellar entry in Star Wars canon, and so rewarding for canon junkies. Surprisingly emotional at times too!

20th Century Women

A beautiful, truthful coming-of-age story.

Thank you for joining me for my 2016 Movie List! What did you think of my rankings, and where would you rank each movie?

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