a COLOSSAL musing

Gloria’s (Anne Hathaway) life is falling apart due to her struggle with alcoholism. She moves to her hometown after being broken up with, then runs into a childhood friend, Oscar (Jason Sudeikis), who runs his own bar, and begins to hang out with him and his friends. At the same time, a giant kaiju monster appears in Seoul, South Korea, and Gloria finds out that she can control the kaiju. Weird premise, huh? Clearly, it’s a metaphor for alcoholism, and it could have been a beautiful, more dramatically hard-hitting conclusion, but COLOSSAL doesn’t take that route.


Hathaway is so good at being easy to hate but still likable, and she plays Gloria with a lot of heart who just can’t help but indulge in her desires, while Sudeikis is equally as great. The story unfolds perfectly, but as it takes its turn in the second half, it becomes an entirely different beast, one which I didn’t think had much potential dramatically. Yes, it takes an extremely unique path to the climax and it’s wonderfully refreshing. I just wish it didn’t, but I still found enough beauty in its first half and in its risk-taking to find it enjoyable. It’s also extremely hard to write this without revealing too much about the movie, so if you happened to have seen this interesting indie, let’s talk about it!

Rating: Didn’t Waste My Money

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