a YOUR NAME musing

Knowing nothing about this movie was incredibly rewarding. So if you are interested in seeing this, I won’t be delving too deep into plot points, but the basic premise only and keep it nice and short. YOUR NAME is a Japanese anime-style film revolves around a boy in Tokyo and a girl in a small village body-switching when they dream. Antics and life lessons ensue for the first half, but takes a turn when the boy stops dreaming as her and begins to investigate why. The twists this film uses are extremely earned and emotional, with a huge gut punch scene that made me so happy to be upset at.

YOUR NAME tackles themes of belonging, death and tradition very effectively, and is so good at creating these believable animated characters and make you care for them. I really don’t want to say more because I want everyone reading this to go see this and hopefully be as invested and emotionally hit as I was. It’s insanely inventive and lovely animated, and I can’t wait to see this again and discover more of the thematic layers here.


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