a RAW musing

This movie is bonkers. It all takes place within the realm of possibility, so there’s no worry of it transcending earthly limits. RAW, a French film, sees Justine being dropped off at a veterinary university, followed by the freshman’s haze-tastic initiation into the school. Justine, a virgin and was raised as a vegetarian, discovers her desire for meat and finds it in humans.

RAW is much more than just a cannibal movie, it follows Justine as she navigates college and serves as a beautiful coming-of-age story. It’s brutal and bloody, but not as horrific as the media has made it out to be. There’s plenty of scenes I had to look away, but nothing too gory, although some imagery will get stuck in your brain. Justine goes through a transformation from a typical overachieving student, a regular, unassuming girl into an animalistic and sexual beast.

No jump scares in this horrific movie, but the tone and atmosphere kept me hooked and wanting more, just as Justine does. RAW wants to show the feral side of humans, especially of young girls (through the lens of a female director), and treats women’s bodies as simply just bodies with no Hollywood sexuality. There’s something refreshing about that, and RAW exhilaratingly portrays extreme circumstances of a coming-of-age movie.


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