a SONG TO SONG musing

I don’t have much to say since I’ve never felt more nauseous during a movie and had a hard time making sense of whatever plot there was. The crazy, always moving camera and Dutch angles made me feel so damn dizzy, it took everything to not walk out. I couldn’t find anything deeper in this convoluted mess of a plot, which involves a love triangle between the three main leads (Ryan Gosling, Rooney Mara, and Michael Fassbender) and their other relationships after their fallouts. Yes, there was great, naturalistic acting from the three, but the movie didn’t require anything magnificent from them. There is something interesting to be found in Mara’s character’s journey of freedom, but it’s not taken advantage of and just left dangling and uninteresting. (P.S. none of the characters had names, or at least none of their names were said more than once or twice, so there was more disconnect between the character and the audience, since we just view them as playing themselves.) What is interesting is that this movie was shot back in 2012, which seems like ages ago once you trace the stars’ filmographies from that year on.

Maybe it was something I ate that made me feel like throwing up every scene when the camera floated around the characters as they just talked. I was restless while watching this, and its listlessness made my mind wander, and for the first time, my rating for this movie was true for the 2 hours I was sitting there.


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